Salem, SC photographer, Laurie Metzger has been involved in various types of photography for over 30 years. Originally an industrial photographer, Laurie opened a portrait studio in 1994 and specialized in children and family photography winning numerous awards, including the Professional Photographers of North Carolina's (PPNC) Photographer of the Year award.

Taking time off to raise her children, Laurie recently reentered the photography world and began photographing sunrises at Lake Keowee. When the Covid pandemic hit, this became a daily passion and she posts a photograph every day of the sunrise, flowers, birds, or waterfalls highlighting the beauty of Lake Keowee and the Upstate of South Carolina.

Reflections often play a part in Laurie's photographs as does color. Her artistry can be seen in her flower and bird photographs as they are reimagined as a painted canvas. Laurie's work is displayed on aluminum metal and under acrylic glass.